Donations / Support

Talmidei Yeshua Fellowship

is based on a community-type model led by a group of elders (Please See Fellowship Governance). None of these elders work in ministry on a full-time basis but, like Paul who was a tentmaker by trade, the elders go above and beyond their jobs to speak and teach only on a voluntary basis. There is no staff besides, just a group of dedicated volunteers. Instead, all money is dedicated to investing in the development of online services in order to provide people with a better experience and community support. We strive to keep our overhead costs to a minimum so that our financial resources can be dedicated to causes with maximum impact.

Given our approach and after much prayer, we have decided not to pursue charitable status in the future. While charitable status does allow for receipts, tax benefits, and confirmation of an organization’s legitimacy, we feel as though these advantages are presently outweighed by a large number of limiting regulations, such as restrictions on the freedom of speech.

If, after prayer, you choose to donate to the Talmidei Yeshua Fellowship through our Paypal account then your support is greatly appreciated. Our elders share all financial information, and 100% of the money we receive goes to covering the costs of the equipment, facility, and new services.

Our goal is to move out from our current hotel room within the next year….God willing!
Thank you very much for your support and blessings!
– Talmidei Yeshua Fellowship

If you are interested in donating, please contact us.